Welcome to the Bermuda Festival 2015


The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts invited jewellery designer, Alexandra Mosher, to collaborate by creating the Versailles Butterfly as a pendant or pin to commemorate our Ruby Anniversary. Click here to find out more.

Our Mission

“To entertain, educate and inspire through the medium of the Performing Arts, presenting performances by artists of outstanding talent in a festival of diverse cultural appeal”.

Bermuda 2015 basks in the ruby glow of 40 continuous years of outstanding performances by celebrated international performers. Thanks to the vision of Yehudi (later Lord) Menuhin, former Governor of Bermuda, Sir Edwin Leather, and founding chairman, John Ellison, the inaugural Bermuda Festival burst into life in 1976 and ever since Bermuda has annually enjoyed a culturally diverse collection of performances from a steady flow of illustrious performers.

We have chosen to look back over those years and to celebrate them by inviting back some of the most popular performers who have established a special relationship with the Island. From workshops with the tiniest of children, to master classes for adults, to collaborative performances, the opportunities provided for local residents by these performers have been rich and varied and it is a pleasure to see some of them return to share in our celebration.

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support we have received from the local corporate community over the 40 years, and for the support of individual donors who dig deeply into their pockets to help our cause.

Please take a moment to reflect on 40 magnificent years of Bermuda Festival and help us to ensure the next 40 years!